Blessings from my house to yours. Making my Dream a reality 💕

I have been sewing since as far back as I can remember and the blankets that my family calls "silkies" are the reason I am now sharing this passion with you.

I grew up and currently live in the same small town in Northern California where my heart has always been- with my family. I made my first silky for my first-born 26 years ago. My big, close-knit family has been asking for silkies ever since.

I am married with two beautiful children who have grown up with silkies in their lives and carry these cherished blankets with them into adulthood. Their cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and our whole extended family have all been recipients of the now famous (in our small town) silkies and their friends ask me to please let them in on this family treasure.

Knowing these blankets are a gift to be loved for a lifetime brings me so much joy. In years of hard work, my favorite moments have been fulfilling someone's request for their own special silky. I am truly filling my heart by opening this online store and bringing my family's love to all of you.

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